About Us

TechSmart is a software and workforce development company that is shifting the paradigm of how tech employers view talent pipelines for high-demand software development careers. Our focus is on the largest untapped talent pool in the U.S, the K-12 public school system. Our passion is to prepare students to compete for software development jobs directly from high school.

We do this by partnering with school districts to implement rigorous software development academic pathways that enable students to earn industry-based certifications and develop the depth of knowledge and skills needed to pass coding interviews.

Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager you will manage a portfolio of school district partners in order to help drive a high level of customer satisfaction, successful product usage, and customer retention and growth. You will build relationships, create systems and processes focusing on tracking relationship actions, track customer usage, follow intervention protocols when events occur that threaten the health of the district, and ultimately drive renewals and expansion. Over time, this role will serve as a trusted advisor for each district.

We’re growing fast (doubling in size each year) and rapidly expanding nationally. We are at an exciting inflection point where we are building out our partner success implementation team to power the next level of our growth trajectory. We are looking for high performance relationship managers with an eye for detail and passion for fidelity to join our team.

Shape the future of software development education. Our ideal team member will be an authentic and dedicated relationship manager and operator that has K-12 teaching or administrative experience and is driven by an intense work ethic and desire to excel in a high demand environment.

In This Role You Will:

  • Operate with a sense of urgency and own the fidelity of each partner implementation. Continuously monitor key instructional metrics and data and evaluate against targeted benchmarks.
  • High situational awareness and a detailed understanding of what is going well and what areas need improvement in each of your partner implementations will be your passion.
  • Work externally with teachers and administrators as a collaborative consultant to guide pedagogy and instruction that will enable students to develop a depth of knowledge and job-ready programming skills.
  • Work internally with multiple teams to ensure customers are set up for success, owning needed interventions and escalating issues with a sense of urgency.
  • Thrive on building strong relationships with teachers and administrators grounded in authentic care and delivery of value.
  • Provide expert-level insight to various teams on what innovation and continuous improvement is needed in the user experience, product capabilities and features, and customer engagement processes.

Our ideal team member will have these qualities:

  • Driven - you have an intense work ethic and desire to excel in a high demand environment
  • Operate with a sense of urgency
  • Uncommon and extraordinary attention to detail; obsessed with diving deep in order to assess quality
  • Passion for supporting teachers who bring life-changing opportunities to students
  • Obsessed with quality in all that you do
  • Relentless commitment to high standards and continuous improvement that lifts others
  • Authentic, concise and professional communicator who listens actively and intensely
  • A student of the game - you are able to learn quickly, execute flawlessly, and continuously refine your approach
  • Highly consultative, relationship-focused
  • Able to balance a consultative role with opportunities to delight customers and make their lives easier through support
  • Understand the small picture and thrive on rolling it up into the big picture
  • Unafraid to develop expertise in a new content area and has the intelligence and initiative to do so
  • Passionate about efficiency and using systems and processes to ensure spending time on the most high-value tasks
  • Outgoing, friendly, compassionate, and empathetic personality


  • K-12 work experience as a teacher or administrator
  • Experience working outside of the school district in a company or high performing professional environment in a customer-facing role

We are committed to building a diverse team at all levels that mirrors the populations we are striving to serve. We recognize the gender and diversity gaps in computer science achievement and encourage applications from underrepresented individuals.


Join our dynamic, rapidly growing team!

Please include a cover letter highlighting why you'd like to join us and how you would be a fit for this position. Applications lacking a cover letter or that provide only a generic cover letter will be disadvantaged.

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