Technical Consultant [Remote]

TechSmart is a software and workforce development company that is shifting the paradigm of how tech employers view talent pipelines into high-demand, high-wage software development careers. Our focus is on the largest untapped talent pool in the U.S, the K-12 public school system. Our passion is to prepare students to compete for software development jobs directly from high school.

We do this by partnering with school districts to implement rigorous software development academic pathways that enable students to earn industry-based certifications and develop the depth of knowledge and skills needed to pass coding interviews and enter the tech workforce.

The Opportunity

We’re growing fast (doubling in size each year) and rapidly expanding nationally. We are at an exciting inflection point where we are building out our technical consulting team to power the next level of our growth trajectory. We are looking for high performance operators to join our team.

Shape the future of software development education. We are looking for a very select group of technical individuals that bring a diverse set of skills developed over a number of years in the military, education, technical, business and/or consulting fields. Our ideal team member will be a grinder and high performance operator that is driven by an intense work ethic and desire to excel in a high demand environment.

In this role you will:

  • Develop into a thought-leader and expert
    You have excelled previously in your career, but you're not done yet. You have an insatiable desire to learn, grow and develop. The ideal team member is unafraid to develop expertise in a new content area and has the intelligence and initiative to do so. We are dedicated to your development and will provide you with a pathway to reach your peak in this role. We have a very specific way we do it. The ideal team member will excel in leveraging our knowledge, experience and processes to perform. We will help you develop deep subject matter expertise and gain the tactical experience needed to help you hit full stride. Our future leaders will come from within and our hope is that you will be ready to take on more leadership responsibility as we grow.
  • Become a growth agent
    We don’t use the word sales. We don’t even like that word. We’ve thrown out that traditional playbook. Your focus will be delivering expertise and running a good process. Our “-ings” are…consulting, educating, developing, leading, collaborating, documenting, partnering. Repeat! Notice which word(s) we are not using. Your efforts will be channeled into pure growth, both new and expansion.
  • Make an impact
    Our focus is to prepare students for high-demand, high-wage entry-level software development positions directly from high school. This is a paradigm shift that, when realized, has the potential to change tens of thousands of students' lives across the country. This role sits dead-center in making this happen.

Our ideal team member will have these qualities:

  • Grinder - driven by an intense work ethic and desire to excel in a high demand environment.
  • Slides head first into first base.
  • Unafraid to develop expertise in a new content area and has the intelligence and initiative to do so.
  • Uncommon and extraordinary attention to detail.
  • Highly consultative, relationship-focused.
  • Consummate team player, equally effective operating solo.
  • Motivated, tenacious, highly collaborative
  • Thrives on developing deep expertise, and communicating that with others
  • Authentic, precise and professional communicator. Ability to command the room with knowledge.
  • A student of the game - you are able to learn quickly, execute flawlessly, and continuously refine your approach.
  • High degree of Integrity --- commitment to doing things the right way, for the right reasons
  • Do what you say. Say what you do.
  • Frustrated by team members that do not possess these qualities

Job Requirements

  • BA/BS degree or high-value technical certification or training
  • 5+ years preferred experience in one of the following fields: military, education, technical, business, or consulting.
  • Strong preference for military experience in technical or high-leverage environments.
  • Strong preference for sports coaching experience.


Join our team of high performance operators.

Please include a cover letter sharing how your background, experience and approach fits this role.

We are excited to meet you.