Director of Tech Partnerships [Remote]

TechSmart is a software and workforce development company that is shifting the paradigm of how tech employers view talent pipelines into high-demand software development careers. Our focus is on the largest untapped talent pool in the U.S, the K-12 public school system. Our passion is to prepare students to compete for software development jobs directly from high school.

We do this by partnering with school districts to implement rigorous software development academic pathways that enable students to earn industry-based certifications and develop the depth of knowledge and skills needed to pass coding interviews.

The Opportunity

We’re growing fast (doubling in size each year) and rapidly expanding nationally. We are at an exciting inflection point where we are ready to bring on a tech partnership and career access expert. The ideal leader will be hungry to leverage their experience to lead an innovative new greenfield initiative to create pathways for high school students into software development careers.

In this role you will:

  • Drive change. You have experience envisioning, creating and operationalizing new programs that require buy-in from many different stakeholders. You have deep knowledge of the skills required and expectations for junior software development roles. You are a collaborative and skilled communicator that is also able to educate and inform company and district leaders at the highest levels. You are skilled at acquiring hiring partnerships with tech companies and placing entry-level candidates successfully. You view yourself as an advocate for companies who seek diverse talent and for students who will have pathways to the workforce they never would have had before - and work tirelessly to iterate on and improve your initiatives to support their success.

  • Create programs that last. You enjoy multitasking and quickly developing great ideas, and you also have a sharp eye to the processes and operational backbone required to make any great initiative a reality for employers and students. You can design a youth pre-apprenticeship program for 11th and 12 grade high school students to work in software development teams, and an DOL-approved apprenticeship program for recent high school graduates. You are organized and have follow-through. Maintaining and growing existing relationships is just as important as developing new ones.

  • Make an impact. Our focus is to prepare students for high-demand, high-wage entry-level software development positions directly from high school. This is a paradigm shift that, when realized, has the potential to change tens of thousands of students' lives across the country. This role drives the employer relationships that are essential to making this happen.

Our ideal team member will have these qualities:

  • Passion for changing trajectories, shifting paradigms and challenging the status quo. Not afraid to be the first.
  • Relentless advocate in the face of opposing viewpoints or naysayers.
  • Relationship builder, with ability to craft effective partnerships with K-12 school leaders and Tech Business Executives.
  • Authentic, precise and professional communicator
  • Process oriented operator, with ability to develop new systems and processes to operationalize initiatives.
  • Plate Spinner. Highly effective at switching contexts and multitasking.
  • Highly motivated, tenacious driver that is self propelled toward strategic objectives
  • Highly consultative, consummate team player. Equally effective operating solo with minimal supervision.
  • High degree of Integrity --- commitment to doing things the right way, for the right reasons
  • Solid. Do what you say. Say what you do.

Job Requirements:

  • BA/BS degree or high-value certification or training
  • 8+ years preferred experience in one of the following fields: coding bootcamp career coaching or tech partnership development, technical recruiting or similar
  • Proven track record of acquiring corporate tech partners
  • Deep knowledge of the tech industry and software developer hiring practices
  • Strong preference for experience building partnerships between coding bootcamps and companies


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